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As Alaska’s largest school district, we feel the importance of inclusivity in our education system. The Viscardi Center provides us with a swift and accurate document remediation that allows us to confidently promote our communications, knowing that our message will be accessible to all. The Viscardi Center staff readily helps us understand how to make our documents more accessible, and explains viable solutions in our more advanced documents. Their work truly empowers our efforts to provide educational opportunities for every student’s success.


The Viscardi Center has been a great resource for the credit union for document remediation. Their timeliness, professionalism and accuracy is outstanding, and we put great value and trust in their services. Their knowledge of ADA compliance and their high standard of work ensures us all our members are able to read the documents on our website, no matter what tools they may utilize to do so.


Helen Keller Services has worked extensively with Viscardi to remediate PDF documents and forms. The Viscardi Center has been a pleasure to work with and, in particular, we appreciate Viscardi’s timely service and willingness to work directly with us to remediate issues and create documents that meet our needs and specifications.


LBS Financial has been working with The Viscardi Center since 2019. They have provided timely, accurate, and affordable document remediation services consistently throughout. Most recently, we have contracted with them to provide auditing and remediation consulting services to ensure accessibility on our website. Their team is responsive and easy to work with, helping us clearly understand the changes we need to make ensure our website is compliant and easily accessible for all of our Members.

– LBS Financial Credit Services

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