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Identifying a Need for Accessibility

The advent of the Internet and the technology boom has demonstrated that a lack of accessible technology puts people with disabilities at an unfair disadvantage in school, the workplace and their communities. The Viscardi Center’s Digital Accessibility Services were born from the necessity to convert paper worksheets to accessible PDF documents for students with visual and mobility disabilities attending Henry Viscardi School at The Viscardi Center.

Seeing firsthand how this effort positively impacted their academic performance and ability to work independently, we recognized a broader need for document accessibility. We also began to hear from many within the disability community that they were unable to use websites for online shopping, read digital documents with screen readers, or access captioning on videos. As an advocate for all people with disabilities, we made the decision in 2016 to utilize our knowledge and expertise to blaze a trail in the digital accessibility marketplace.

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Meeting the Access Need

Offering a full suite of Digital Accessibility Services aligns with The Viscardi Center’s vision to accelerate a more accessible, inclusive world for all people. Innovation is core to our mission.

We’re committed to helping you meet evolving industry standards and making sure customers, students, employees and stakeholders with disabilities get the most out of your digital media. Our highly experienced accessibility team ensures Section 508, and ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliance using WCAG 2.1 (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) standards, with fast turnaround time, secure file transfers, and competitive pricing.

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