By Michael Caprara

Studies have shown that efficiency, volume discounts, more effective sharing of relevant resources and information, and cost savings are just a few of the advantages of cooperative purchasing. As a public agency, your organization may be able to benefit from cooperative purchasing power when it comes to procuring digital accessibility services.

In fact, the City of Portland, Oregon has made it easy for any public agency throughout the U.S. to utilize The Viscardi Center to make its digital documents accessible. Through the City of Portland’s document remediation contract with Viscardi, it has agreed to an Intergovernmental Cooperative Procurement that allows agencies like yours to leverage our services and pricing.

This makes the process more streamlined and efficient as you can:

  • bypass a Request for Proposal process;
  • benefit from reduced pricing;
  • feel confident that the work is being performed by a pre-qualified, reliable source.

Document remediation involves taking your existing documents (PDFs, PowerPoints, etc.) and ensuring they meet the required standards of accessibility. Document remediation is vital to an organization as it ensures the accessibility of digital content for individuals with disabilities and removes barriers that can prevent them from accessing and using digital content. Our specially trained Digital Accessibility Services experts provide a range of services to ensure your existing or newly created electronic documents are fully accessible to all.


Michael Caprara Michael Caprara
Chief Information Officer, The Viscardi Center
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